Completing a training course

Once a manager has created a training course (see article on creating courses here), it may be mandatory for you to complete it. This article highlights the steps you need to take to do so. 

Part One: Training course notifications 

Part Two: Completing a course and viewing the progress in your profile

Part One: 

In order to be notified and reminded when your manager has assigned a training course to you, you need to ensure you have the correct notifications turned on. 

To change these settings: 

1. Login and select the settings under your profile picture > then select notification settings 

2. Scroll down and ensure you have notifications turned on correctly, so you are aware of when you have to complete a course.

At the bottom of the page, select save

Part Two:

1. To complete a course, follow this menu path: select skills > training

2. This is where any open training courses will be found

3. Click on the course you wish to complete. Here you will be able to view the course overview and objectives, as well as an estimate on how long the course will take to complete. 

On the right hand side is the list of how many subjects are involved in the course. 

Select continue course 

4. As seen in the example below, the first subject is a video you will watch. This makes up the first subject of the course.

Once completed, select complete subject

5. Progress through each part of the course until it has been completed! 

You can easily track other courses that need to be completed through the history section of your profile. 

To view this: select your profile settings > my profile > then click history

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  • 20-May-2019