Creating a training course

This article is broken up into three parts: 

Part One: Creating course subjects

Part Two: Creating a course 

Part Three: Editing courses

Part One: creating subjects

To create a training course, you must first create subjects. These will become the chapters of a course. 

1. To do this follow the menu path: skills > subjects

2. This will bring you to the Manage Subjects page where previously created subjects can be viewed, edited or archived

3. Select new subject

Here you will fill in the subject details and attach documents or links to be completed/viewed by staff members. Then select save subject

To archive a subject, at the bottom of the screen above is a box where you can specify if the subject is to be active or inactive. 

Part Two: attaching subjects to the course

1. To create a course and attach subjects, follow this menu path: skills > courses

2. Here you will be able to find a list of published, closed or draft courses. Select new course

3. Fill in the course details: name, overview, description, start and due date, select if the course is open, and lastly select if the course is compulsory

4. Select save and continue (or save and exit)

5. This next stage allows you to attach previously made subjects into the course, or you can select to create new subjects from here

NOTE: you can add as many subjects into the course as you wish. 

Select save and continue

6. This last stage allows you to select who you wish to publish the course too

This could either be to all groups and roles, or you can uncheck the box and select groups and roles specifically

Select save and publish!

Part Three: editing courses

1. To edit your training courses, select skills > courses

2. Next to the course you wish to change, select the edit icon. You can edit any section of the course details

Like subjects, you can close courses by deselecting the open course button

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  • 20-May-2019