Release Notes 2.20.0

Have you heard? 

The YOUniverse app has been released! Compatible with both iOS and Android, our app supports the team based communications that our customers are looking for. 

The YOUniverse app enforces staff engagement and keeps employees notified of any new shifts. 

Check out our user guide here for more information around what can be found in the first version!

Maintenance Fixes 

documents don't disappear until page is refreshed - previously, an error stated onboarding documents couldn't be deleted despite doing so once the page had been refreshed. This issue has been rectified. 

change of role not executing - fixes and additional safeguards were released. 

profile changes not showing in onboard records - in a change of role onboard record, the bar highlighting what change is being requested has been re-introduced 

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  • 22-Mar-2019