Managing job requisitions

This article highlights how to setup the requisition workflows and the steps to creating and sending a job requisition:

Setting up job requisition workflows:

Before sending a requisition, you will need to ensure permissions and workflows have been setup correctly, so when a requisition is sent it gets approved by the right group.

1. To set each groups permissions and workflows follow this pathway: setup manage staff > manage groups.

2. Search for the group/store you would like to set workflows for. Then select manage, followed by group overview.

3. Here, you can set that groups permissions according to what you would like the group to be able to access. 

4. Then, scroll towards the bottom of the page and under workflows, use the drop down arrow next to Job Ad Requisitions and select which group you would like the request to be sent to and approved by.

5. Select save.

Creating and sending a job requisition:

Follow this menu path: recruit > job requisitions

1. This screen is where you will view sent requisitions, when they were requested, and their status. 

2. Select new request. Fill in the basic request information, the position required, weekly sales and any additional comments. 

3. Select send request 

This requisition will then be sent to the approving group, where they will be able to either approve or decline the request. 

If approved, the person who initially sent the requisition will be able to select create job at the bottom of the request, and fill in an onboard record for the job approved! 

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  • 22-Feb-2019