Publishing to your internal job board

To publish a job ad to your internal job board follow the below steps: 

1. Go through the steps to create a job ad. See this article here on how to create one

2. Once an ad has been created, you will be notified on the left hand side that the ad has not been published to any job boards despite being active

Under the heading Job Boards, and next to the Youniverse Internal Board, select edit

3. The below options will then appear:

- Select when you would like the ad to expire

- Choose which user capabilities you would like to be available

- Write a brief description (optional)

- Select who you would like the key contact to be (optional)

- Select which groups you would like the ad to be available to, or select All Groups

4. Then hit publish!

Accessing the job ad -

Internals will be able to access the job ad by following this menu path: recruit > internal jobs

There, they will be able to apply themselves or refer it to a friend! 

This is the form employees will fill in when referring the job to a friend - 

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  • 06-Feb-2019