Request workflows

Workflows are used as a way of communicating different requests (e.g maintenance requests) between different groups. When a request is sent, the relevant group will be able to decline or execute the request. 

This article is broken down into four parts - 

Part One: Creating a request template

Part Two: Create groups for those approving the request

Part Three: Setting up the Request Workflows

Part Four: Sending a request

PART ONE: Creating a request template - 

1. Select comms followed by requests

2. From the menu bar, select settings

3. You will then be brought to the below screen where request templates will be listed

4. Select, add new request form found in the bottom right corner, followed by edit templates and add new template

Here you will be able to create the requests question set.

Once saved, you can go back to the initialCreate Request Form found by the pathway: comms > requests > settings > add new request form 

5. Here, you can attach the question template that was just made, followed by add selected template, add a title and select save changes

Your request form will then be found under Request Settings and the template is complete! 

PART TWO: Create groups for those approving the request

You need to ensure you have created a group that will approve that particular request. For example: 

Request Name

Request Lodged By

Request Escalated To

Uniform Request – Team Member

Store Management


Administration needs to be a group with the appropriate approving employees added. For steps on creating a group read here

PART THREE: Setting up the request workflows - 

Before sending the request, you will need to ensure workflows have been setup. 

1. To set the groups workflows follow this pathway setup > manage staff > manage groups

2. Search for the group/store you would like to set workflows for. Then select manage, followed by group overview

3. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and under workflows, find the request template that was set up in Part One of this article 

5. Using the drop arrow next to that request type, select which group you would like this particular request to be approved by. Then click save

PART FOUR: sending a request

To send a request follow this pathway: comms requests new request

Here, you will select which request type, which store/department you are sending the request from and fill in any required questions.

Employees who belong to the approving group, will then receive an email or be able to view the pending request under comms requests. They will then be able to Decline or Execute the request which will once more, notify the person who initially sent it.

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  • 31-Jan-2019