Creating and managing onboards

This article will show you:

- how to onboard a new employee

- the different onboarding permissions

- the onboarding states

Onboarding a new employee -

1. Select onboarding followed by current onboards

2. In the bottom right hand corner, click on the plus icon

3. You will be brought to the below screen where you can start progressing through the onboarding stages. See below for a breakdown of what each stage contains.

The onboarding stages are as followed - 

1. New Employee: fill in basic employee information and role details 

2. Onboard Approval: review and approve all information provided in stage 1. Approving progresses the onboard further. Reject the onboard if a mistake was made or if you wish to decline the entire onboard. 

3. Documentation: review all documents to be sent and required from the candidate. You have the option during this stage to bypass candidate acceptance.

4. Employee acceptance: here the employee will receive a Welcome Email with their login details so they can accept documentation, provide emergency contact details and add their banking information. 

5. Confirmation: the final stage is when management revises and approves the documentation the employee provided in the acceptance stage

After confirmation the onboard process is now complete!

Onboarding permissions - 

 To view or change someones onboarding permissions follow this path: setup > manage staff > search for a particular employee and go into their profile > select system settings 

The Permission types broken down: 

Cannot access onboarding - anyone with this permission turned on will not be able to access onboarding at all

Can start onboarding process - anyone with this permission will be able to begin the onboarding process, however the next stages of onboarding will be workflowed to someone with the next level of access. 

Can approve onboarding - anyone with this level of permission, can approve the initial onboard request or reject it. They can also begin the onboarding process.

Can administer onboarding -anyone with this permission can attach inbound documents to be completed by the employee. Those who can administer onboarding can also begin the onboarding process and approve onboards.

Payroll -anyone with this permission has access to the entire onboard process.

The onboard states - 

When you go to onboarding > current onboards, you have the option to filter the status of onboards. This makes it easy to locate which employees are still at what stage of onboarding. 

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  • 30-Jan-2019