Changing an employees role

This article will highlight the steps needed to take when changing an employees role - 

1. Select setup followed by manage staff 

2. Search in the staff list for the employee who's role you need to change

3. Once on that employees profile, select employment details 

4. Use the drop down list under role to select the new one 

5. Select save

6. You will then be brought to this screen where you add the date you would like the change to become effective and select whether you wish to bypass onboarding

Bypassing the onboard process means the employees role will change immediately. They will receive an email highlighting the change made.

If you want the change to go through onboarding, follow these next steps: 

7. Once you've confirmed the changes from the screen above, leaving the bypass option blank, you will then need to select onboarding followed by current onboards

8. There you will be able to find the change of role onboard sitting at the Approval stage 

9. Open the employees onboard record and progress through each of the stages, filling in the mandatory information as you go. 

10. Once the employee has gone through the acceptance stage, the change of role onboard is complete! 

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  • 30-Jan-2019