Creating a blog post

On this page: 

- how to create a blog post 

- managing blog posts 

To create a blog post -

1. Select comms > manage news

2. Here you will see a list of previously made articles. Click write article

3. Fill in all blog post details and select your publish options. 

Stick to dashboard - If selected, the post will remain at the top the comms dashboard until turned back off. 

Attach to login - If selected, the post will appear as an employee signs in. They will need to click a 'I have read this' button before they are logged in completely. 

Publish - You have the option to set a specific time and day if you don't wish to publish the post immediately. 

 Lastly, you can choose which groups you would like to share the post with. Then hit Publish

Managing your blog posts -

Managing News: 

1. Follow the menu path: Communications > Manage News

2. The Manage News screen displays.

3. Click the Edit icon next to the article you wish to manage

4. Select the relevant publish options on the right section of the screen

5. Scroll down and click Update tab

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  • 26-Feb-2019