Release v2.16.0




New Features

  • Optimising around availability. Introduced functionality that allows roster managers to optimise rosters around their staff members changing availabilities
  • Minimums and Maximums. Allowing roster managers to express minimum and maximum staffing requirements for specific periods in a day
  • More robust break rules. Allowing roster managers to optimise rosters where breaks are placed at optimal times based on the stores flexing demand whilst remaining complaint with its industry award or EBA agreement

Maintenance Fixes

  • Onboard submissions Some customers have experienced an intermittent issue whilst submitting onboard, this issue has now been resolved
  • Changing role Improvements to the change of role on boarding process ensures that employee profiles are updated based on the onboard start date
  • Staff list Changes to the staff list will ensure all staff are represented in the staff list throughout the on boarding process.
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  • 13-Nov-2018