Performance Assessment Forms

There are a few steps to follow in creating and delegating an employees assessment form.

Part One: creating the assessment template 

Part Two: Delegating it to an employee

Part One: Creating the assessment template

1. Select setup > manage staff

2. On the left hand side, navigate to performance assessments located under manage requests

3. You will then be brought to this page where future employee assessment forms will be located with their progress tracked. Select edit performance assessment forms

4. This is where created templates can be found. Select add new performance assessment form

5. Here you can create assessment templates. If previous question templates already exist, use the drop down list to select one and click add selected template (you can add multiple templates)

If you need to create entirely new question templates, click edit templates and add new template

NOTE: After creating a question template, you will still need to attach it using the step above 

Part Two: Now that the template has been created, delegate it to an employee! 

1. Navigate to setup, followed by manage staff

2. Using the staff list, select an employee you wish to assign the performance assessment to

3. Go into their profile, and view their employment details

4. Under performance assessment form, use the drop down list and change it from 'none' to the performance assessment form. Confirm the changes and bypass onboarding for a quicker process

5. While remaining on their profile, select history and scroll down to performance assessments. Click create assessment. The chosen template will then appear and can now be completed!

Employees will find their assessment in the same history section of their profile.

- Once the answers have been completed, close the performance assessment by selecting complete, found at the bottom of each employees form. 

You can select save to save your answers and allow you to continue editing them later on. 

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  • 23-Apr-2019