Exit Forms

There are a few stages in creating and sending employee exit forms. 

The first being to create the exit form question template/s, and attach them to the exit form. The second is to go into the employees profile and apply it accordingly.

Creating exit form question templates: 

1. Select setup followed by manage staff

2. On the left hand side, select exit forms located under manage requests

3. You will then be taken to the following page, where you will select edit exit form

4. Click the option to edit templates and then add new template

5. You can then complete the template details

Once the template has been created, select back to exit form, where you can then attach the templates to the exit form. To do this, select the template from the drop down list and click add selected template. 

Then hit save! 

When you wish to delete certain templates from the exit form, simply select the 'x' on the right hand side of each template. 

Now that the exit form template is completed- 

Sending exit forms: 

1. From the staff list, select the employee you wish to assign the exit form to

2. On their profile, select exit form located underneath change password

3. Complete that employees exit form and confirm!

This form can now be found under the employee exit form list seen in the first screenshot.

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  • 27-Feb-2019