User Upload Format

What does it do?

The upload users function is accessed from the users section of the set up menu.

What does it look like?

The format has one person per row, and the fields are: 

  • Salutation *: examples: Mr, Ms, Mrs.
  • FirstName *: The user's first name.
  • SurName *: The users last name.
  • LoginName *: The login name you would like. usually we use the format of first letter of the first name, and then surname. Mark Smith becomes msmith.
  • StartDate *: dd/mm/yyyy for when the person started with the organisation.
  • RoleDescription *: The role for the person. for example Waiter
  • BranchName *: the location/store/venue for the person. For example, Chadstone 
  • Email *: the regular email
  • ContactNo *:
  • Birthday *:
  • Gender:
  • Address *:
  • Country *:
  • State *:
  • Suburb *: 
  • PostCode *: 
  • Employment Type *: Full Time, Part Time or Casual
  • Employment Classification *: Award level. For example Level 1
  • AccountName: The banking account name.
  • BSB: BSB for their pay to go to
  • AccountNo:  Account number for their pay to go to.
  • BankName: The name of the bank
  • SuperFund: Super fund name
  • SuperNo: Account number for the super fund
  • TaxFileNumber: Tax File Number 
  • EmergencyFirstName: Emergency contact first name
  • EmergencySurName: Emergency contact last name
  • EmergencyRelationship: Relationship of the employee to the emergency contact
  • EmergencyMobile: mobile phone 
  • EmergencyEmail: email for the emergency contact
  • EmergencyAddress: street number and name for the street.
  • EmergencySuburb: Suburb 
  • EmergencyPostcode: Post code for the suburb
  • EmergencyState: State for the emergency contact.

Fields with an asterisk (*)  are the minimum requirements and must be completed.


An example is attached to this page.

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  • 16-Nov-2018