recruitment module setup

The recruitment module helps you manage the applications for the jobs in your network. We need some initial information from you in order to set it up:

  • Screening questionnaires [optional]. For each of the roles you regularly interview for, please provide the initial set of questions you might ask in a phone interview, or in your seek listings in order to screen the applicants.
  • Applicant states (eg Round 1, Round 2, Round 3). applicants for a job go through a number of stages before you would make an offer or reject them. Please provide the set states you would like for your recruitment pipeline. These are shared across all jobs in the system. 
  • Email Templates. as applicants progress through the states you may like to send them an email to keep them informed. In order to make the messages consistent, and to save you time you can set up templates for staff to use. Please send through a template for each state transition in your list. For example the rejected state may have a 'dear bill, thanks for applying, but you have been unsuccessful this time. all the best'. Please put each template into a word document labelled for the applicant state you would like. 
  • Recruitment Accounts: You can control who can post jobs on the network. (this includes seek, internal boards, and careers pages). There can be just one, or many accounts (per area, or whatever makes sense to your business). Please nominate the users who should have accounts. 
  • Job Boards. Which job boards do you use? Please provide a list of the boards and your account managers with the vendor so we can discuss an integration (where supported). 
  • Job Widget. jobs posted on YOUniverse can appear on your careers page using the jobs widget. Your website developer will need to modify your web page to incorporate this, and the guide shows how to do this. Please provide contact details for you developer and pass on the guide so we can work with them to set up the widget on your careers page. 
  • Seek Integration. setting up the seek integration requires a key from seek that YOUniverse will use to invoke their API on your behalf. There is a fee from seek to provide this. Once you have it, please provide the Seek Account, API key, and seek account manager contact details. 

Please send these through and we will set up the recruitment module for you.

Any queries please contact [email protected]

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  • 28-Nov-2018