Release Notes v2.11.0




New Features

  • Timesheets now have scheduled breaks. Timesheets can now have the start time set for the break so that managers can record when breaks were taken. 
  • Rate field in payroll export: The payroll export now includes an 'effective pay rate' field that shows the rate at which the hours of work were paid. Now, Hours x Effective Pay Rate = Total Pay.  
  • New Roster layout includes avatars. The roster now shows avatars (faces) to the left of each rostered member. 
  • Roster Performance Improvement. We have improved the load time of the roster. this is the first in a series of improvements for the roster performance.

Maintenance Fixes

  • Onboarding 'cancel upload' does not perform any action.
  • YOUniverse banner blocking exit form submission.
  • Onboarding documentation in profile showing not sent/not signed

Have you heard?

We have written some new articles about some of the great functionality in YOUniverse that can help you run your business and drive your culture further:

  • Creating Question Templates for Job Applications: when you create a job ad you can screen the people by asking them a series of questions. This article talks about how to set up the questions you use to do the screening - either online or via phone/video interview.
  • Communicating with Job Applicants: This article tells you all about sending consistent emails out to candidates depending on the stage they are in your applicant tracking process. For example - you can select a template to use when sending a rejection email. 
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  • 27-Jul-2018