Communicating with job applicants

Emailing and communicating with candidates in the recruitment stage 

Please note that if you do not wish to create an email template for future use, you can refer straight to stage two of this article. 

Stage one 

1. Select recruit followed by candidate communications 

This page is where templates will appear once they have been created

2. On the left hand side, select create email template 

Fill in the template - templates could be made for unsuccessful applications, 1st interview confirmation etc. 

- These green boxes are fields that can be substituted. When emailing candidates, the company logo, applicant name, role, company name, store and website name will be automatically filled in. 

3. Select save as template 

Stage two

Now that the template has been made, in order to send them: 

1. Select recruit followed by manage job ads

2. Select the job ad who's applicants you would like to email 

3. Click applicants 

4. Check the boxes next to the candidates names that you wish to email. Then click the drop down box and select send email

5. Select the option to load template 

6. A drop down list of templates will then appear and once selected, you will have the option to edit the template as needed before sending! (or fill in the email content if a template isn't required) 

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  • 15-Jan-2019