Creating Question Templates for Job Ads

This article is broken into three sections:

1. Creating question templates for job ads

2. Attaching them to a new job ad

3. Editing the templates 

PART ONE: creating the template

1. Select recruit in the menu bar followed by candidate communications

2. Select application questions on the left hand side

3. Then select add new template

4. Fill in the question template with appropriate details and select save 

PART TWO: attaching the template to a job ad 

1. Select recruit followed by manage job ads 

2. Select the plus icon on the bottom right hand side and fill in the job details before clicking save and continue

3. This second step is where you attach the question templates under 'add questionnaire'. Add questions by typing the template name. 

You can add multiple templates depending on what you require of each role.

Continue through the last 2 steps to publish the ad! 

PART THREE: editing each template

1. If you need to edit or add questions to the templates you have already created follow this pathway: recruit > candidate communications question templates

2. This is where previously made templates are found. Select edit next to the template you wish to change

3. Edit or add new questions to the template, followed by save

NOTE: When a question template has been edited that is already attached to an active job, it will automatically update with your new changes. 

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  • 19-Feb-2019