Roster breaks at specific times

Breaks are important so roster them in!

We're excited to release new functionality that allows both manager and employee more control over where and when breaks occur.

The diagram below shows the new portion in the shift entry screen.

With this screen you can:

  • specify no break in the shift
  • default to 30 minutes somewhere in the shift OR
  • specify and a start and end time for the break. 

Employees will clock in and out to these break times and there is a lot more accountability around breaks.

As well as this, timesheets also have scheduled breaks! Timesheets can now have the start time set for the break so they can be recorded when they were taken.

1. Select award roster followed by roster

2. Select view timesheet next to the appropriate roster 

3. Click add new timesheet on the left hand side 

4. Fill in the necessary fields and click add under the break column 

5. Fill in the break length before clicking save changes!

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  • 19-Mar-2019