Release notes v2.8.0




New Features

  • Default Sub-location and shift position when creating multiple shifts for 1 user. Entry in our roster is now faster as there are sensible defaults for these two key fields.
  • Time Calculations: we use a number of digits of precision during calculation and then round back to 2 digits on display. We allow you to see the full precision calculations on the timesheet and roster. 
  • Avatars are back: Main nav update to include user profile images and a cheery greeting for the day!
  • Tech Preview: Roster optimisation technology preview. We are cooking up something pretty special. if you want to take a look - please ask.

Maintenance Fixes

  • Miscellaneous roster and timesheet improvements. 
  • Old news: Updated attach to login functionality to allow for relevant news posts to be shared with new onboards
  • Exporting timesheet does not include Sunday. The timesheet export does not include data for sunday. This problem has been fixed in this release.

Have you heard?

We have written some new articles about some of the great functionality in YOUniverse that can help you run your business and drive your culture further:

  • Creating Groups: Groups are pretty powerful in YOUniverse. you can use them to work with your store team, store management, head office, or even all the baristas in the organisation. This article talks about how to set them up and then your people can start talking together and deliver more to your store.
  • Adding Employees: recruitment and onboarding are the common way that people are added to an organisation. Sometimes they need to be added en-masse. This article talks about how to do that.
  • Creating Employee Training Courses: YOUniverse allows you to track training sessions for employees. You can set up courses with subjects and then see how they are tracking on completion. click through to read how to do this.

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  • 29-Jun-2018