Creating employee training courses

If you do not already have access to Training and wish to use this feature, please get in contact with us through Happy Fox. 

To create a new training course for employees to complete: 

1. In the menu bar select skills, followed by courses 

2. Click new course 

3. Fill in the course details and select save and continue

4. Add subjects to the new course. New subjects can be created here or already made and available subjects can be chosen

5. Select save and continue 

6. Choose which members or groups are to be assigned to the course

7. Click save and publish

Adding a new subject: 

1. Select skills in the menu bar, followed by subjects

2. Click new subject

3. Fill in subject details before selecting save subject 

Viewing staff training history: 

Employees are able to view the training courses that have been assigned to them and the status of which the course has been completed. 

They can do this by -  

1. Selecting profile followed by my profile

2. Select history and scroll down

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  • 15-Jan-2019