Navigating Setup

The setup page is designed to allow users to easily add or change details regarding specific employees, recruitment, onboarding, the award roster, payroll, skills, user management, and general settings.

A quick video guiding you through setup: 

How to navigate Setup:


Us allows access to manage all staff and all groups, as well as a range of other administrative resources


Recruit allows you to add multiple recruitment accounts if so desired, as well as manage exit forms


Onboarding provides access to both onboarding administration, as well as documents required during the onboarding process.

The onboarding administration allows you to add any Final Instruction Messages. If there are documents that you require from the employee (e.g. drivers license, Responsible Service of Alcohol, etc.), administration also allows you to add those requirements.

Onboarding documentation allows you to put in any default onboarding documents that are added automatically to every onboard as they are created.

Award roster

Award roster allows you to add, change, rename and disable shift positions, and also assign certain shift positions to various sublocations.


The Payroll area allows you to organise any and all payroll documents into whatever folders you feel are effective, thereby allowing payroll management to be more efficient. 


The Skills section allows you to upload Performance Metrics. 

User Management 

User Management allows you to manage roles, add new employees, manage single sign on and upload employees


Other takes you to 'System Settings' and 'Network Configuration'.

- Clicking System Settings will take you to the staff list. You can also access the same page via setup>manage staff. 

- By clicking Network Configuration, you will be brought to Network Capabilities. Here you can edit and change your system capabilities in regards to the different tabs. (e.g properties, tools, roster etc.) 

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  • 22-Aug-2018