Adding employees via setup page

To add new employees via Setup - 

1. Click Setup and then Manage Staff 

2. Navigate to 'Manage Staff' on the left hand side and click Add New Employee 

3. Fill in the employee details (personal information, role details, emergency details and bank details) 

4. Select Add employee

The employee will then be found in the staff list under Inactive

Launching the employee 

Once the above steps are completed and the employee is found in 'inactive', the next step is to launch them

1. To launch an employee, on the right hand side click Launch Platform in the Staff List

You can either launch them through:

- Just an email (No onboarding)

- Creating a new onboard (You will then have to go into onboarding and approve them)

- Onboard bypassing approval (This will automatically approve them in onboarding and will send the employee a email to accept their documents etc)

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  • 15-Jan-2019