Creating Groups

Creating groups: 

1. Click Setup followed by Manage Staff

2. Under Manage Groups, select My Groups 

3. Click the option to 'Add New Group' towards the top of the page 

4. You will then be prompted to fill in the group details (including which group type) before clicking save

Group types:

The 'Store' type which is primarily used, is for physical locations. This type can be used to communicate, roster for, recruit for and onboard to. 

The other group types such as 'Professional', 'Social', 'Department' and 'Agency' are used more so for communication purposes. (E.g groups under these types may be used for HR Managers, Store Managers, HQ etc. to communicate with each other and so requests can be workflowed to them) 

It is important to note that although groups can be deactivated, they will still remain in the groups list and can not be entirely deleted. 

Adding group members: 

1. Once the group has been created select Manage next to the group you wish to add members to 

2. Select Add Members and type in which employees you want to be added to the group

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  • 16-Nov-2018