Release Notes 2.7.0



Outage Period

none! it's going out as we speak! This release we introduced a very special capability. we are now able to make updates to the software without causing an outage for users. This capability will continue to receive updates, but means we can make changes without disrupting your business. We hope you enjoy outage free deployments!

New Features

  • Partial Shifts recorded in timesheets. The platform now supports recording time against multiple duty shifts. Read about how to record time against the alternate duty shifts rostered in the support note
  • Employees can be onboarded with a salary. We have updated the onboarding module so that the salary for an employee can be set during their onboarding. Prior to this release the salary from an onboard was not reflected in the new award roster.

Maintenance Fixes

  • Exporting timesheet does not include Sunday. The timesheet export does not include data for sunday. This problem has been fixed in this release.

Thank you for all the amazing feedback we have received about the product. we are reading them and they are used to help us prioritise change to the app. 

Have you heard?

We have the ability to manage Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate expiry. Check out our note on how to set this up for your network.

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  • 01-Jun-2018