Uploading inbound documents

During the onboarding process, employees will need to lodge documents relevant to the job position they are applying for.  E.g Drivers License, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) or Visa. 

Enabling the feature

Ask your YOUniverse Account Manager to enable candidate documents for you. This will enable the screens we refer to below.

Setting up Document Types for Certification Names

To set document types- 

1. Navigate to setup

2. On the left hand side select onboarding under manage applications

3. As seen in the below screenshot you can then add new document types


The section 'Documents to be lodged by Employee' is where the document types are set up.

1. Enter the name of the certification/document

2. Click add.

They will then appear in the list of documents when onboarding a new employee:

Configure the documents you require for an onboard.

Now that the documents are set up, the document type can be added to an onboard record.

This appears in the documentation stage of the onboard process:

For this example, we are uploading Responsible Service of Alcohol documentation

New employees will then be required to upload candidate documents during their onboard experience. 

Once uploaded, the candidate will be advised that it is being reviewed:

Reviewing the submitted document

Navigate to their onboard record. See it's in the confirmation stage. 

From here, the manager will then be able to confirm or reject the document

Once approved, the document is shown in their profile under documentation

For more information on managing onboards, visit the dedicated knowledge base article here.

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  • 16-Jan-2019