Creating a roster

This article is broken up into three parts. 

Part One: creating a roster with unallocated shifts

Part Two: copying a roster period 

Part Three: publishing a roster 

Part One: You can create a draft roster with shifts that are unallocated and add staff members later on. 

1. Login making sure you have the correct permission to be able to manage a roster before continuing.

2. Navigate to the award roster followed by roster

3. Select the roster you wish to add shifts to

4. Click on the plus icon under the date you wish to add a shift

5. A popup will appear, add in the position and sub location. Then choose the time you wish the shift to cover and click save. 

6. You will then see the unallocated shift added to the roster

Edit and add a staff member to the shift at any time by clicking on the shift

Part Two: a quicker way to create a roster is to copy a previously made one

1. Select award roster > roster > select the roster you wish to add shifts to 

2. Select the below copy roster icon 

3. The popup will allow you to select which roster period you would like to copy, and give you the option to select if you would like it copied with or without the same staff members

4. Select copy

Part Three: Publishing a roster will notify staff members of any new shifts

1. Once in the roster view, select the green rocket icon - this is where you can publish rosters

2. Select yes at the popup 

NOTE: only once the roster has been published will you be able to print it using the printer icon

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  • 18-Mar-2019