The Payroll Export File

How to access the file: 

1. From the main menu, follow this pathway: award roster > payroll

2. Navigate to the period you wish to export using the date control

3. Click Export. The CSV file is downloaded by your browser.

File Format

The file has one line per pay code per shift per person in the period, and has the following fields:

  • Member ID: The id from their profile
  • Staff Member: The full name of the person
  • Date: The date of the shift
  • Start Time: the start time for the period for this pay code.
  • End Time: The end time for the period of this pay code.
  • Break Start Time: the break start time (if it fell within this period)
  • Total Hours: total hours for the pay code for the shift.
  • Effective Rate: the total pay divided by the number of hours. simulates the effective rate.  
  • Cost Centre Code: The cost centre for this roster.
  • Location: The store or group that this roster is associated with.
  • Roster: The name of the roster.
  • First Name: Employee First Name.
  • Last Name: Employee last name
  • Employment Type: The employment type from the profile.
  • Employment Classification: The employment classification from the profile.
  • Total Pay: Total dollar amount for the period for the pay code.
  • Pay Code: the pay code.

 The attached file is an example.

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  • 26-Feb-2019