Managing Sub Locations and Shift Positions

This article is broken up into two parts: 

Part One: In your business there may be a service desk that is separate to the registers, or there may be a stock room from which inventory is then stacked to shelves. These areas of work are called sub-locations in YOUniverse.

Part Two: Further, specific roles may be rostered into those areas. Shelf Fillers may work in the stock room, or Checkout Operators on the registers. These roles are called shift positions in YOUniverse. 

Head office often define these areas and have worked out the business model and the roles that support the model. In Youniverse the network can define the sub locations and shift positions, and then store managers can adopt those sub locations and shift positions into the roster if it is applicable for that specific store.

Part One: Adding Sub Locations at the Network Level.

If you are an operations, HR or area manager you may want to set up the sub locations to be used by the stores. To do this:

1. From the main menu, click on setup > award roster > sub locations

The Sub Locations page shows all of the sub locations previously configured.

Notice the status column: As the business tries different initiatives in different stores the sub locations may change.

In this example outside service was trialled as a concept in one store. It didn't work so well, so at the network level that sub location has been disabled.

There is a beer garden concept that has been defined here, but is not in use in anywhere in the network (Inactive).

However, front bar is in use (active).

2. To create a sub location called 'Back Bar' click create sub location and enter the name of it

3. By default, sub locations are set as disabled so that you can enable them once you are ready for stores to start using them. Uncheck Disabled.

4. You can now associate shift positions with the sub location. A bar needs a bartender so check Bartender.

5. Click create. The back bar now appears in the list

Now that the network knows about Back Bar, lets see how the store uses it. (We're coming back to shift positions.... )

Adding a sub-location to a store roster

Following from the above steps you now have a back bar defined at network level. To add that bar to a store roster:

1. From the main menu, click on award roster roster

2. Click on the pencil icon for the roster you want to add the sub location. 

3. Scroll down to the sub locations section

The list of sub locations that are available to be added is shown on the left. Let's add the back bar.

Notice that the bartender is by default not enabled. This is so that the full list of positions is optional. You may define 10 positions for that sub location but only 1 or 2 may be used in a specific store. 

4. Select the positions you need. In this case we check bartender.

5. Click save

The roster now has back bar as a sub location with shift positions of Bartender available.

To verify the back bar is now in the roster

1. Click on award roster roster > select the roster you are interested in

2. Select the 'sub locations' drop down and confirm the new sub-location is present.

Part Two: Shift Positions

The Network Administrator can maintain the list of shift positions available in the network through the setup page for award roster. 

Add a Shift Position

1. Click setup > award roster shift positions 

2.  The shift positions page is shown:

In the same way that sub locations can be disabled, so can shift positions. They can take on the statuses:

  • Active - in use currently in stores
  • Inactive - available for use, but not in use by any stores
  • Disabled - no longer available for use in stores (but may still be in a roster)

3. Click create shift position to create a new shift followed by create

4. Note that the shift position you created is now in the list. This shift position can now be referenced by Sub locations and then added to rosters.

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  • 30-Apr-2019