Add onboarding documents

Follow the steps below to Add onboarding documents:

1. Follow the menu path: Setup > Onboarding.

2. Click on the Documents Button

3. You will then be navigated to the onboarding documents page below

4. To add a document for a role, scroll down to the add document section

5. Click on choose file and select the file from your hard disk to be uploaded

  • Merge Fields- If you have a microsoft word document with merge files, select YES to upload the document with merged fields.
  • If you wish to upload the document for a specific user eg. onboarding a manager want to only see the "Manager contract"- enter the name of the role eg. Store Manager, If you leave this field blank, all roles will see this document when they are onboarded. 
  • The same principle as above applies to Groups, If you leave this field blank, all stores will see this document when onboarded.

6. Click upload and the document will appear in the document list!

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  • 17-Jan-2019