A quick guide to the change in our menus

We've changed our menu structure

When you login to YOUniverse, there are a number of menus from which you can select particular modules (like recruitment, onboarding, and rostering) and other functions like your profile, team and settings. We have changed the menu structure and reduced the number of menus. 

Why would we do that?

We are constantly reviewing our application to add new functionality and keep it easy to use. We are undertaking a review to make it quicker to access our modules and their functions, and to make the app work better in mobile. This change is the first step along that path. We're looking forward to delivering a much better app to you!

What has actually changed?

Take a look:

old menu

 We are changing to:

new menu and set up

there are a couple things you'll immediately notice:

  • a new main menu.
  • setup is organised by module.

Let's take a look at the main menu first:

New Menu

The menu has the following items:

  • Profile - this links out to a variety of links that are about your impact on YOUniverse, like your profile so you can change your position, employment details, emergency contacts etc and your photo! think about changing your photo - it helps people know who you are and we think brightens the place up a bit!
  • Recruit - this links to all the parts of recruitment: managing jobs, adding a new job, seeing applicants etc.
  • Onboarding - Once you have a candidate and want to make an offer, onboarding is used to send out the documentation and onboard the candidate. this menu allows you to see current onboards, documentation etc.
  • Communication - the 'dashboard' is visible from this menu, and you can post events, news and general updates using the sub menu.
  • Award Roster - You can access the rosters, leave requests, your shifts and availability from this menu.
  • Skills - you can see any training courses and performance assessments.
  • Setup - you can see the set up screen with settings for all of the modules.
  • Logout - we think you know what will happen here!

Where is....

If you're lost, then don't worry - here's the reference as to where everything has gone:

Main Menu

  • Me/ My Profile
    • My Documents
    • My Photos
    • My Profile
    • My Team
    • Notification Settings
    • History
    • About
    • change Password
    • Inbox
  • Recruit
    • Refer a Friend
    • Internal Jobs
    • New Request
    • Job requisitions
    • Time to Recruit Report
    • Candidate Shortlisting Report
    • Candidate Pool
    • Job Ad Report
    • Manage Job Ads
    • Candidate communications
    • Exit Form
  • Onboarding
    • Current Onboards
    • Request New Employee
  • Communications
    • Communications
    • Latest News
    • Events
    • Manage News
    • Directory
    • Requests
  • Award Roster
    • Roster
    • My Shifts
    • Time Off
    • Payroll
    • Reports
      • Roster vs Actual
      • Timesheet
      • Clock In/Out
      • Availability
  • Skills
    • Training
    • Manage Training
    • Courses
    • Subjects
    • Performance Assessment
  • Setup
    • Us
      • Manage Staff
      • Manage Groups
      • System Settings
    • Recruit
      • Add new Recruitment Account   
      • Manage Exit Forms  
    • Onboarding
      • Administration
      • Documentation
    • Award Roster
      • Shift Positions
      • Sub Locations
    • Payroll
      • Network Pay Codes
      • Libraries
    • Skills
      • Upload Performance Metrics
    • User Management
      • Manage Roles
      • Add New Employee
      • Manage Single Sign On
      • Upload Employees
    • Other
      • System Settings
      • Network Configuration
  • Logout 
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  • 15-Jan-2019