Managing Events

Managing events including creation, viewing upcoming, past and cancelled events.

Let's see how to create an event.

1. Login to your platform.

2. Click the communications tab. Then select events. 

3. You have an option to modify an existing event or create a new one. In this instance, we are creating a new event. 

4. Click the New Event tab. The Create New Event screen displays.

5. Enter the event details

Once entered, navigate to the right side of the screen and update the Manage Invitations section:

  • Allow events comments
  • Show the guest list
  • Final RSVP date
  • Limited spots available
  • Invitees

6. Click the Submit tab.

7. The system displays a message that the event has been created. 

8. The Event screen displays the newly created event on the front page.

Next Steps: Now that you have learnt how to create an event, let's see how to view a cancelled event. 

Follow the steps below to view a cancelled event:

1. Click the communications tab. Then select Events. 
2. Select the Cancelled tab on the left side of the screen.

3. The page displays all the events that had been cancelled.


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