Cannot add to Assessment Teams

Issue: Cannot add an Assessor to an Assessment Team

First, try these steps. If these do not solve the issue then please raise a ticket

Solution: Clear Cache on browser

Steps to solve:

If you are using Google Chrome v60.0:

1. Go to Chrome (top left hand side)

1.1 Keyboard Shortcut: Command+Shift+Delete

2. Select 'Clear Browsing Data' 

3. Select by ticking 'Cached Images & Files'

4. Deselect 'Cookies and other site data'


Clear Cache mac

2. Apple Safari:

1. Go to Safari (left hand corner)

2. Select Preferences

3. Select 'Privacy'

4. Click on 'Manage Website Data'

5. Click 'REMOVE ALL'

6. Click 'DONE'

7 Close 'Preferences'

3. Firefox:

1. Select 'History' top left left

2. Select 'Everthing'

3. Select 'Cookie & Cache'

4. Select 'Clear Now' 


1. Keyboard Short Cut: Control+Shift+Delete